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Kendall McCrory’s Life Thus Far

23 Mar

A biography is a large task to accomplish in any format, for anyone. But I will attempt to give you some highlights of my crazy, yet ordinary, life in this one little blog post.

The family at Universal Studios, Orlando

Hi! My name is Mary Kendall McCrory, but I just go by “Kendall”. First of all, my faith in Jesus Christ is absolutely my foundation. He is my hope, strength, joy, love and purpose for being alive. Family is another huge part of my life, responsible for shaping so much of who I am and bringing me continuous joy and blessings. I was born in Pensacola, Florida where I lived for 18 years until moving to Gainesville, Florida for school. At West Florida High School of Advanced Technology I had a wonderful experience studying Sports Medicine and thought I would go to school to become a Physical Therapist.

Live Election Coverage in the CMIR Lab

Finishing up my last semester as a Telecommunication-News major at the University of Florida is a surreal experience. It has been a privilege to be in one of the best journalism programs in the nation. I have learned an incredible amount through all of the hands-on experience; working in the WUFT-TV news station on campus and collaborating to pioneer online and TV coverage for the Florida’s 2010 Elections in the new CMIR lab.

Besides Telecom, my theatre interest was sparked with Theatre Strike Force‘s alluring improvisation, which I enjoyed participating in for a time.

One major aspect of my college career was the time I spent working for UF’s Department of Housing and Residence Education as a Peer Mentor and Resident Assistant in Trusler Hall. This was an invaluable experience working with the housing staff and my floor of 52 residents. These relationships allowed me to share wisdom I’ve learned in my time here and, in turn, learn even more from those around me.

Some Trusler 1 residents see "Cats"

When I’m not focused on school or work, I love to fill my days with friends, great food and outdoor activities…and photographing all of the above. This could be just about anything, but some of my favorites include playing Ultimate Frisbee, tennis or riding bikes on the Hawthorne Trail.

Cooking and baking have become passions of mine and I admittedly spend entirely too much time drooling over recipes and pictures on Joy the Baker and The Pioneer Woman.

My attempt at Joy's Peanut Butter Fudge Treats. Success.

Traveling- whether to another part of the state or world, whether by bus, train, car or plane- fuels a passion deep inside of me. I think that being part of the news industry and having a heart for other nations feeds my desire to see and experience what’s really going on around the globe. Speaking about what’s really going on, I am especially passionate about being a voice for those who are victims of human trafficking and sex slavery. International Justice Mission and Project Rescue are two organizations making great strides and restoration to combat this growing crime. After graduating, I hope to use my skills to serve these victims and those who are seeking to offer them hope.


The World’s Largest Aquarium!

6 Mar

Sharks and dolphins and whales, oh my! Not creatures you’d expect to find in the heart of Atlanta.

But even amidst skyscrapers and busy city streets, these underwater wonders have a roomy home in the largest aquarium in the world.

While in Atlanta, our Phi Lamb group took advantage of the limited-time “Imagination Days” deal for the aquarium (good until March 13th).

An afternoon well spent!

The Last Titanic Dinner

20 Feb

Choosing a picture from this grand, historic, SURPRISE reunion dinnerĀ  was near impossible, but I fought the urge to pick a shot of the delicious food and thought I’d show off my beautiful family (minus 9 cousins and one uncle).

Dad, Uncle Howard, Aunt Krisan, Aunt Dea and their families

So, Aunt Dea is the owner and cook extraordinaire of the Baron York Tea Room in Clarksville, GA. Each year she does a Titanic anniversary dinner, making the last meal the travelers had on the “unsinkable ship”.

Here’s a taste of our SIX course meal. (The average number of courses was eleven!)

Each dinner “passenger” receives a boarding pass with the identity of an actual passenger aboard the Titanic and their fate April 12, 1912.

My place setting

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Beane


Breaking it Down: Text Test

15 Feb

This weekend my family had a mini family reunion in Georgia.

My little brother even got to come down from Boston!

He’s does this chest-beat thing and has pretty great rhythm…even (or especially) while on a treadmill.

I made this video to play around with the video filter options in Final Cut Pro.