Nice to meet you

My name is Mary Kendall, but I go by Kendall. I am a Telecommunications senior at the University of Florida, trying to figure out the reigns of photography, multimedia, and the glorious combination. Join me =)

When I’m not taking pictures or blogging about them, I love being outdoors- playing ultimate frisbee or tennis, running, biking or napping in the sunshine. I also love experimenting in the kitchen. Baking was my first love, but now I’m warming up to more savory dishes and “real” cooking. Too much of my time is spent with Joy the Baker.

Something I’m very passionate about is being a voice for the voiceless all around the world and supporting the work of groups like International Justice Mission and Project Rescue.¬†I hope my work on this blog will reflect that.

Some other sites I spend a lot of time on:

Desiring God

CNN News



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  1. | danielaperallon - April 7, 2011

    […] Kendall McCrory’s Click & Captured blog is such a delight. The daily photos of her adventures with family and friends make you want to jump right into her life. One of my favorite posts: The Last Titanic Dinner. How cool is that? […]

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