100 pictures = 1 movie

10 Feb

Yes, this post contains 100 emotional pictures (of my face), to produce what may look like a video.

It’s a series of pictures (that’s what video is, anyways, right?) you take on a webcam and as you take them it loops them together to create a series.

I learned how to use Toonloop in my Interactive Storytelling class this week.

Oh, the possibilities 🙂

*If you download Toonloop, here are some pointers:

1. First download Processing, which Toonloop must be opened in
2. Download the older Toonloop version (“Lite” for Mac users)
3. When you open Toonloop, it will have all of the program writing in the box, but when you click the “play” arrow, a screen should come up and your camera should come on, and you’ll see yourself.
4. Click the space bar to capture a picture.

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